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New Paradisus Website Launches!

Posted on by Paradisus Resorts


Paradisus launches new brand website. New website offers a more comprehensive view on the brand and it’s attributes.

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135 Responses to New Paradisus Website Launches!

  1. Paradisus Marketing says:

    Hi Jenny – I did check on this with the resort and they said that depending on the calling card you would be charged $1 – $2.

  2. Paradisus Marketing says:

    Hi Chris, unfortunately Paradisus Riviera Cancun does not offer cigars. That amenity can only be enjoyed at Paradisus Palma Real and Paradisus Punta Cana. Thanks.

  3. JP JP says:


  4. Chris Chris says:

    When I stayed at the Palma Real, cigars were part of the all inclusive. I will staying at the Rivera Cancun and was wondering if cigars are part the all inclusive at that resort.

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    Does the Paradisus Punta Cana charge for using the phones in the rooms? We are purchasing a calling card and will be using it while staying at your resort and I was wondering about any room phone fees?

  6. Jesse Jesse says:


    Try emailing Teresa Calcos at I’ve been talking with her about my wedding at PPR.

  7. JP JP says:

    Hi, I called on PPR on Monday to find out if the date that I want is available and I have gotten no call back or email! When Ana Maria or Viviana was there I would get a response right away! I’m leaving next thursday and I want to make an appt. and also find out if the date that I want is available. Otherwise I will have to choose a different hotel. Can someone give me the number to PPC offices?

  8. Paradisus Marketing says:

    Hi Miriam, from La Romana to Punta Cana is about 40 miles so the drive is about 1 hour (approx.). You can contact the following tranfer company to arrange your transportation: Green Island, Phone: 809-5526705,

  9. Sandy Sandy says:

    Thank you very much to Teresa at the Romance office for getting back to me immediately after I got my posting. She is being very helpful!

  10. Mariam Mariam says:

    Hi, I will be staying at the Paradisus Palma Real and wanted to know how far this is from La Romana Airport. Also wanted to know what the best way to get to the resort would be and about how much I should expect to pay. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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