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YHI Spa:Relax and Renew

Posted on by Paradisus Resorts

Written by Daniela Pranjic
Manager at Paradisus Palma Real’s acclaimed YHI Spa


January and the early part of a new year are when the majority of people tend to make resolutions for the coming year, not surprisingly most resolutions have to do with one’s health.  I wanted to share some tips for staying healthy and renewing the body during the winter months, but it is also very important to focus on resolving unhealthy habits throughout the year. 


One of the most simple ways to improve health is drinking green tea.  According to Web MD, green tea has potential to fight cancer and heart disease, can lower cholesterol, burn fat, prevent diabetes and stroke, and stave off dementia.


Paradisus offers a Green Tea Body Scrub to cleanse and detox your body.  The green tea stimulates the immune system and protects the body from aging inwardly by delivering antioxidants, the Green Tea Body Scrub also cleanses and hydrates the body.  I also would recommend trying the Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage at Paradisus; the rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage moves the “prana” which stimulates the body’s vital energy. 



YHI Spa at Paradisus Palma Real, The Reserve

YHI Spa at Paradisus Palma Real, The Reserve


There are easy treatments to replicate an invigorating scrub with items in one’s home.  A simple body scrub for the shower made by mixing bath salt or brown sugar with body cream, exfoliating and rinsing.  The scrub helps hydrate dry skin during the cold, winter months. 


I definitely suggest relaxing with a cup of green tea after the home treatment.  Surprisingly the antioxidants in green tea are actually more powerful than those found in Vitamin C.  


In addition to drinking tea for the health benefits, another healthy option for antioxidants is consuming mushrooms.  According to the World’s Healthiest Foods the relatively inexpensive button mushrooms provide as much or even more antioxidants than their costly cousins.  I think steamed mushrooms are delicious and they are very healthy, eating them raw is also a healthy way to consume them. 


Eco Spa Cabin, YHI Spa

Eco Spa Cabin, YHI Spa


So if getting down to Paradisus right now isn’t an option, definitely start drinking green tea, eating steamed mushrooms and trying an at home body scrub.

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