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Paradisus Resorts, Meliá Hotels International’s luxury all-inclusive resorts brand, is now offering three NEW complimentary Life Enriching Experiences that will teach guests new skills, introduce them to inventive forms of fitness and fabulousness and provide tons of excitement. The new line-up includes Pole Dance Classes; Aqua Spinning and Diamond tutorials.

Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla in Mexico offers complimentary Pole Dance classes for guests looking for fun and exercise while enjoying their vacation. La Perla’s pole dance classes run 60 minutes long and are offered twice a week at the resort’s outdoor Palapa. Each class is taught by a certified pole dancing instructor who will explain all the basic steps and movements, along with tips to avoid any muscular injuries. This class, which usually has between 15-40 participants, is a complete workout, giving people energy, flexibility and strength. Paradisus’ pole dancing has become so popular with guests that the resort had to recently purchase additional poles! And the popularity doesn’t just stop at the resort – in fact, there are plans for pole dance to become an Olympic sport.

Paradisus Cancun knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and for this reason, one of Paradisus’ most exclusive life enriching experiences – Diamond tutorials – takes place at the resort every Tuesday, exclusively for Royal Service guests. Thanks to Paradisus Cancun’s team of experts, guests have the opportunity to learn about the different cuts of these exquisite gemstones, as well as the mounting types that can be applied and how to identify them. The experts are even able to tailor the experience to couples, showing them the most select variety of pieces (which can last for up to two hours).

Paradisus Palma Real and Paradisus Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic have added the latest exercise craze– Aqua Spinning– to their roster of guest activities. Aqua Cycling is similar to indoor cycling classes, except taught in a pool, where water plays the role of resistance on the wheel. The class burns up to 800 calories an hour and is known to fight cellulite. Fans of the activity especially love that it is easy on their joints and the class is also highly recommended for women who are pregnant. Paradisus Palma Real offers Aqua Spinning in its main pool every Monday and Wednesday at noon. Paradisus Punta Cana offers the class every Tuesday and Thursday at noon. Classes allow for up to twelve participants.

Other unique complimentary Life Enriching experiences offered at Paradisus Resorts include Flower Arranging, Fruit Art classes, sand castle making, landscape painting, crafts, tequila/wine tasting, cooking classes, tango lessons, massage lessons, and more.

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